Complete end to end solution
Available on all major platforms

Onestream is a full end to end HD web broadcasting platform.

Streaming online to all major platforms. Contact us today and our team will get right back to you and answer any of your queries


For venues, Onestream‘s multi-camera install is a full HD broadcast, plug and play facility that provides the means to extend your footprint, broaden your audience, distribute the experience and increase your revenues.


Live and on-demand learning allows participants to tailor their tuition to their own schedule and access classes that they may not otherwise be able to attend. It increases class sizes, course participation and success rates.


Continuous professional and compliance training is a key component of business management and increasingly webcasting is the chosen means to inform and empower, making effective professionals, more effective.

Recent Delivered Events

Professional Law Courses

Law Society of Ireland

Professional Law Courses for active Solicitors


Law Society of Ireland

PPC1 - Solicitor Training

Evening time lecture series

Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland

Evening time lecture series

Post Leaving Cert review event

Post Leaving Cert review event

Welcome to Onestream Web Broadcasting


Onestream is a revolutionary cloud computing start-up, that aims to bring professional level but easy to use web broadcasting experience to entertainment, education and corporate markets. It works on all major web browsers, iOS and Android devices.

  • HD Broadcast quality to all platforms
  • Live and on-demand viewing
  • Available for permanent venues and one-time events
  • Branded iOS app for off-line viewing

"Built a top Microsoft Azure Platform, this cloud platform allows us to scale up to meet any audience size and stream the highest quality content to any major browser, tablet or mobile devices even while on the go!"

"A very simple end to end solution that fit our needs in the classroom and allows our students to watch lectures over and over again with ease.

How it all works

More comming soon...